Asperger’s Relationships

In 2018 and 2019 I won a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to study relationships where Asperger’s or neurodiversity is an issue. I travelled to Australia and North America to study with some of the most exciting people in the world, including Professor Tony Attwood in his clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

Since I came back to the UK, I have carried on studying and offering counselling to couples, individuals and families where there are Asperger’s relationships, using creative methods and strength-based ideas from my travels.  Attitudes to neurodiversity are changing but there is still a lack of knowledge about such relationships and how to make them work well.  People with Asperger’s tend to feel misunderstood by society and partners and children also can feel isolated as they don’t get the support and advice they need.

I have opened a low-cost clinic to work with Asperger’s relationships, bringing my learning  and 25 years of counselling experience to help create happier families that are based on enjoying people’s strengths and gifts, rather than seeing the negatives.  I can talk you through a test for Asperger’s and look at what that means for you and your family.

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